A few great ideas were suggested at the Pendleton City Council workshop held on January 15 that would not place another tax on residents of Pendleton. 

The first recommendation suggested the city should charge a service fee on tickets for hosted events. In my opinion, a two dollar service fee for a ticket to attend the Round-Up Happy Canyon and other associated events is reasonably priced. Most cities add a service fee for hosted events. In my assessment, one dollar appropriated for street repair and one dollar appropriated for police and fire expenditures would cover the associated operating costs of hosting these events.

The second premise suggested the city does not recover enough operating costs for the aquatic center, the recreation division and parks division. It should be noted that the city only collects 19 percent of the associated costs. Most cities recover at least 40 to 60 percent. The city should increase this percentage to 25 percent to cover annual operations for services. I feel it would not be too much to ask from people who use and rely on these services.

These fees are needed to assist our local police and fire departments and help fund street repairs and improvement without adding another tax burden on Pendleton residents.

Rex J. Morehouse


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