Most of what we read about COVID-19 is bad news. The daily body count, the new more dangerous strain, the fear of contracting or spreading the virus, and the devastating economic shutdowns. While all this is real and newsworthy, we are missing some important and optimistic developments that might lift our collective spirits.

Firstly, the vaccines are here, are effective, and soon will be available to all. The current administration should receive credit for Operation Warp Speed, and our pharmacological companies should be honored for their incredible scientific diligence in developing the vaccine in response to a world crisis.

Secondly, we have therapeutic drugs available, which have shown great efficacy in fighting the disease.

Anti-viral drugs, such as Remdesivir and other anti-inflammatory medication,s are being used routinely to lessen the symptoms of the virus. Lastly, we can sense that our economy will soon fully reopen. If teachers, front-line workers and elderly folks can be quickly vaccinated, then there is no reason the country should remain in perpetual lockdown. We need the media to accentuate the positive news so that 2021 begins with some much needed optimism.

Bill Eddie


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