The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released findings on 
obesity in the USA. The most obese state is West Virginia (38.1%), followed by 
Mississippi, then Oklahoma. Colorado was found to be the least obese, and Oregon 
comes in 31st with 29.4% of the population obese. This serious health crisis affects some
 93.3 million adults in the USA. Keep in mind, this is not overweight — this is even 
beyond that when a person is obese.

In 1990, less than 15% of adults were obese, but in 2010 12 states had an
 obesity rate of over 30%. The rate has been rising with non-Hispanic blacks, Hispanics,
 and Mexican Americans. The CDC has also developed the "Couch Potato Index," which 
accounts for adults with "zero physical leisure activity." Kentucky is first in this category 
with 34.4% with no exercise or activity.

This crisis is as real as the one at our southern border, as it results in more
 sickness, more days off of work, shortening of life expectancy, and more visits to the
 emergency room. The saddest part of this is that most of this is voluntary and 
preventable. Poor diet, including the normalization of fast foods as real meals and too many 
sugary drinks, combined with little or no exercise, results in a serious health crisis in the

The average American female now weighs almost 170 pounds, while the 
average male weighs about 197 pounds. I was shocked when I learned this fact — how 
about you?

David Burns


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