One may be interested to know what a 45-gallon barrel of oil is made into. Only 40% is
 made into petroleum products. Lubricants and fuel. The rest is made into plastic, fertilizer products and, in 
an exceedingly small amount, some medication. Even if one owns an electric auto it still has be 
lubricated. Most machinery must be lubricated. Any auto today has a vast amount of plastic in it.

around and see how many products use plastic, rayon, etcetera. So, when manufacturers have no 
synthetics, just what will they use? Or the farmers have no fertilizer. Even if we still have some oil, the 
cost will skyrocket for any product. The price of fuel is starting to go up at this moment, also fertilizer. If
 one is a farmer currently, they are getting very afraid. Food prices will go up, and on down the line.
 Home heating will rise. One should look at what a barrel of oil is made into. Just Google it. Easy peasy.

One last thing: If two masks are good, why not five or 10? The anointed Dr. Fauci told us all at one time 
masks were not necessary. Also, if one had coronavirus and had the antibodies or was vaccinated, why
 would one have to wear a mask?

Roesch Kishpaugh


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