When I read the East Oregonian Friday, I was so pleased to see that we in Eastern
 Oregon were being clearly represented by a man of integrity. Bill
 Hansell knows the impact of this supermajority socialist agenda
 against us in this region. He walked out, so as not to allow this Legislature to 
slam us with another tax. Yes, folks, it is a tax. This will increase the cost of 
products and services we use daily in our lives.

It's socialism at its best, and Kate (Maduro) Brown will do anything to 
keep her socialist ideas and cronies in power to push their economically
 disastrous ideas to fruition. This includes having our only real
 representative of Eastern Oregon to be forcibly, if found, dragged back 
and have to sit in and watch the socialist supermajority ram this cap 
and trade bill down our throats.

Does this sound familiar? These are the actions of Venezuela’s socialist
 president, having opposition party members rounded up. What’s next, 
Kate, jail time for legal publicly represented discourse? This governor 
is acting like a dictator, not a person of governance.

Since the governor and her cronies consistently, and defiantly, ignore federal law, should the president order U.S. Marshals to find them,
 round them up and make them sit unwillingly in federal court to be
 prosecuted in violation of federal law? I would say that would be fair
according to their actions.

If you need a place to stay, I have numerous family members out of
 state. In addition, we should help this man with the fine being imposed
 by the state, as he showed great resolve too many times in the recent
 past with this socialist majority continuously shoving their extremely
ultra-expensive, less than thought out, and unfairly debated agenda.
 Kate (Maduro) Brown should think about the precedents she and her 
comrades have set. You can’t go back from that, Kate!

Thank you, Bill! I have your back, as you have had mine, and my 
neighbors'. We need more representation like you who care about us 
all, not the ones who, with special interest groups, fatten their pockets.

Perry W. Hawkins


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