I am a senior at Weston-McEwen High School. I read your article “How to Fight Suicide,” written
 by David Brooks. I appreciate your willingness to educate others about how to help those who 
are thinking about committing suicide. It never crossed my mind that there are certain phrases 
that wouldn't be good to tell someone going through this. I myself have learned how to better 
help those who are fighting this darkness.

However, I do not agree that guns are part of the problem. According to The Medical Science 
Monitor: International Medical Journal of Experimental and Research, guns don’t even make the 
top four of prevalent ways people commit suicide. If we were to outlaw guns, it wouldn’t stop
 suicide. It is ignorant comments like this that misdirect the attention away from mental health.

People who are at their lowest are still people and if they are determined to kill themselves, they
 will find a tool to do the job. The fact that there is a gun available is not the issue; the fact that 
they are alone is. If we are to truly effect change, we need to stop making people afraid to seek
 help by making them feel that they will lose constitutional rights as if somehow they are less.

Alexis Verkist


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