Perhaps what Congress should be worried about is Nancy Pelosi. I suggest that she be investigated for treason against the United States.

I am neither Democrat nor Republican. I am just a retired U.S. Navy submariner. It appears to me that Pelosi does not care about America, she is solely obsessed with impeaching Trump.

Some may not agree with me when I say that I have seen every president since Truman, and Trump is the best of that group. Impeaching Trump would have several bad consequences, one being the end of the USA as a global power. We do have many enemies in this world. I guess she forgot about that (or just does not care), and does not care that the weakness she intends for us would be devastating to our position in the world.

George Washington said political parties will be the destruction of this country. Pelosi is a poster child for what the father of our country was suggesting.

William Laffen


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