After two scathing letters from the proprietor of Wicked Kitty, an apology is in order. I apologize for implying that the letter writer’s business has anything to do with drug paraphernalia.

The source of my confusion was a personal observation I made while driving on Main Street on April 20, 2012. I discovered that there was a Grand Opening honoring 4/20 in a special section of Wicked Kitty called “The Green Room.” My error was related to this promotional event as I had always thought that 420 was a code for marijuana and not tobacco.

According to the proprietor, the store only sells tobacco-related products as evidenced by his first letter: “I carry products for people who smoke legal smoking blends, period. Legal. We will not even discuss the use of illegal smoking options within our store.”

If tobacco is the center of products available in “The Green Room” then, perhaps, it should have been called “The Brown Room” and 1612 be the appropriate code, because that is the year that the settlers in Jamestown, Virginia began growing tobacco as a cash drop. Native Americans used it before that.

I regret that I have never had the opportunity to patronize the Wicked Kitty. My only familiarity with the business was before I quit watching television over two years ago. Charter Basic cable mostly offered infomercials as well as commercials for local businesses in Pendleton.

I recall a commercial to announce another Wicked Kitty feature, “The Kitten Den.” The commercial featured a scantily attired model looking seductive on the stairway leading up the “Kitten Den.” The viewer did not get to see the actual products in the room itself but the emphasis was on a cornucopia of adult toys and other items. I didn’t notice whether batteries were included.

The proprietor mentioned my concern about crime and passed it off as a fantasy. If one ever reads the Public Safety Log or the weekend court reports, it is obvious that there is a drug problem.

Here is an example. Bullriders punish their bodies to entertain rodeo fans for a few brief seconds. This appeared in today’s Public Safety Log: “A rodeo cowboy at 12:50 p.m. told Pendleton police that someone stole prescription painkillers from his gear in the locker room at Happy Canyon while he was participating Wednesday in the Professional Bullriders Rodeo at the arena, 1601 Westgate, Pendleton.”

Jerry Cronin


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