Recently, at the Fourth of July powwow at Wildhorse, there were pictures of Lonnie Anderson and a few other of our beautiful natives in the paper (which is awesome, itself).

However, down at the bottom of the photo it said “buy this photo.” When I first saw this I was furious that the East Oregonian would try to profit from their picture. I ask you: did you ask them if it was OK that you sell their photo for profit? Did you offer them any money as reward for allowing you to snap their picture? Just curious.

Maybe you should read below:

The Dos and Don’ts of Traveling in Indian Country

Tribes across the country are looking more and more to cultural tourism, not only to generate revenue, but also to educate others about Native dance, songs, language, arts and crafts, and history. Unfortunately, this kind of tourism can create tension and friction. There is always the risk of visitors behaving inappropriately, often because they simply do not understand what is and is not acceptable.

In general, the standing rule is courtesy and respect for local tribal customs. What is proper, however, can vary from region to region and even from reservation to reservation. So it is up to the visitor to learn the “dos and don’ts.”

Take something as simple as photography. Most people, regardless of nationality, treasure their privacy, and Natives are no exception. Common politeness dictates that photos of individuals are not taken without first asking permission. Religious and cultural activities lead the list of things that generally cannot legally be photographed. And in the vast majority of instances, photos are not allowed if they are intended for sale to others.

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