Are warming stations really acceptable? In this era of health care for all, subsidized housing and doctor-
induced opioid addictions, is it humane for us to continue down this path of homelessness to over
 600,000 veterans and the ever-growing percentage of our population? 

Pendleton needs to add a priority to its zoning purpose statement to encourage homeless shelters that 
include heat, kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. The old John Murray building would make an 
excellent opiod recovery facility if it did not have to have a sprinkler system and meet new construction 
standards because of its "change of use." No building on the flat can meet the parking requirements of
 any change of use. There are many affordable housing buildings on the flat.

The old IRS building, OK Upholstering, the old movie theater, and the PGG 
buildings are available. The old Stanfield High School could easily provide humane housing conditions.
 The city and state would have to encourage it. They talk like they really want affordable housing. Their 
actions prove that they do not. Oversized paved streets with sidewalks on both sides, storm drains,
 system development charges, huge permit fees, high taxes, water, sewer and garbage rates all prove
 that government really does not care.

The ACLU or legal aid may need to file suits to get this mentality changed.

Affordable housing is not accomplished by the government selling tax exempt bonds to build $175,000 per unit subsidized housing, units that have to rent for $1,495 per month. People on Social Security or Social Security disability income need to live in these units but must be made to work, remain drug free, and set goals to improve their lives.

Kalvin B. Garton


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