The Donald certainly was not the first presidential candidate to realize that the historical and deeply ingrained racism and bigotry in our country could be tapped into for political purposes. However, other candidates who realized this had principles, values, and a moral upbringing that precluded them from exploiting these negative characteristics for political and personal gain.

Unfortunately, The Donald does not have any principles and values to live by, so in 2016, he and his supporters rode racism and bigotry all the way to the White House. Currently, he is trying the same strategy and method for a second act. We all saw the ugly scenes Wednesday in North Carolina — “Send her back! Send her back!” Back to where? Michigan?

Thankfully, as we all know, the four congresswomen are not going anywhere.

And there was The Donald, playing head cheerleader and goading them on with their racist chants. Now, is this “leadership”? Is this what we have come to accept from the occupant of the Office of the President of the United States? Could anyone even imagine this kind of conduct from Abraham Lincoln or Dwight Eisenhower (both Republicans), or from any other previous president? Of course not.

The Donald was strutting around and basking in all the glory and adulation he always receives in places like Montana and North Carolina. Why doesn’t he hold a “rally” in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland or Seattle? After all, he is the president of the entire country. However, The Donald will only set foot in places where it is politically safe to go.

It was laughable when I read that The Donald is a “street fighter.” The Donald is the worst kind of coward; one of his official policies is to lock up toddlers and children in cages. Remember, these are his policies in his role as the President of the United States (Commander in Chief). Also, would a respectable street fighter evade the military draft during wartime (Vietnam), or even peacetime, like The Donald did?

If The Donald is re-elected, then the Statue of Liberty needs to be removed. Otherwise, it would be blatant hypocrisy of our entire country to profess to honor its principles while electing a bigoted and racist president.

Bob Shippentower


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