I am one of the handful of inmates incarcerated at Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution currently taking legal action against the gross negligence of this corrupt facility. My peers and I bear daily witness to the blatant disregard of human lives. This is a grievous mishandling of infection-preventing procedures and an outright refusal to adhere to measures implemented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Before I go any further, I’d like to take a moment to make one thing very clear. I’m not an innocent man. I’ve committed crimes against society that I will spend the rest of my life atoning for. No man carries more shame than I, and no man holds himself more accountable than I. That being said, no man has a greater desire to live out the remaining days rectifying their mistakes and mending the wounds that he has inflicted upon his community. I committed the crimes, now I am serving my time.

Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution was put in place to hold men accountable for their wrongdoings, but who holds the institution accountable when they deviate from acceptable moral conduct? My name is Robert Brooks, and again, I am one of a handful of men raising awareness toward civil rights violations taking place at this very moment. Please aid me in giving voice to the voiceless, names to the nameless, and hope for the hopeless.

Robert Brooks


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