Seldom are we given the opportunity to elect someone who is so perfectly suited for the position for which they are running. We have been blessed in this election cycle with such an opportunity in the
 candidacy of Debbie Radie for Morrow County Port position #5.

Debbie has spent the last 27 years helping create the successful business that is Boardman Foods. This role has given her a unique 
view of the development, growth, and investment that have created the thriving Port of Morrow. Her
 leadership ability and compassionate devotion to service have not only made her successful in her 
chosen career, but has been demonstrated over and over in the many volunteer and regional boards to
 which she has devoted her time.

She has been instrumental in creating tools to provide quality jobs and 
training to enhance our Eastern Oregon workforce and to help students find the skills to become 
effective working adults. She has dealt with a variety of different types of budgets and financial 
implementation in her business, as well as on the boards, committees, and community organizations
 where she has given of her time.

In each community of the county in which she has lived, she has 
offered her skills with great generosity and effectiveness, such as her service on both the lone and
Morrow County school boards. She has been honored by the peers in her industry by her election as
 chair of the regional Food Northwest Association Board, whose stated goal is "to advance the ability of
 the food industry to produce and deliver wholesome, safe food from the Pacific Northwest to the 

Debbie brings knowledge of the needs and goals of the Port, experience in industry, and as an effective
 and well-loved employer. She brings intellect and business acumen, as well as a positive vision for our area
 and a long-time commitment to making Morrow County a productive and positive place to live and

Other highly effective skills she will bring to this job are her gifts of being a really good listener, an
 articulate voice when sharing information, her perception of and ability to share positive workable
 solutions, her knowledge and experience in dealing with risks and making needed decisions in a timely
 way. Debbie has been so very successful because she has a talent for working with people that 
enhances their sense of worth and thus makes them more able decision-makers, as well.

The Port is
 thriving and is also on the cusp of many new and exciting opportunities for growth and productivity.
 Debbie Radie is a candidate who will help this vision continue to expand employment and positive 
growth in all of Morrow County.

Please take this rare opportunity to provide the Port of Morrow with an exceptionally suitable
 candidate for Port commissioner. Vote with us for Debbie Radie, Port position #5.

John and Kerry Rietmann


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