We encourage Morrow County voters to choose Debbie Radie for Port of Morrow Commissioner.

Debbie has a long-term understanding of the Port’s history and its future potential. She has worked in the Port since 1992 and is vice president of operations for Boardman Foods.

She has lived in north and south Morrow County and in three of our five communities and understands the differing needs countywide. She was also a very involved and contributing member of those communities.

She served on both the Morrow County and Ione school boards. She’s volunteered for booster clubs, chambers of commerce, Kiwanis, Fourth of July celebrations, after-school programs, Little League, school site councils, as a LOOP driver and in many other capacities.

I can’t think of another person with her depth of knowledge of both the Port and the needs of our communities countywide.

Debbie is also well connected in our region and state. She served on the Blue Mountain Community College Bond and Oversight Committee, Eastern Oregon Workforce and Talent Board, Food Northwest Board and State of Oregon Workforce and Talent Board.

We’ve known Debbie for 20 years and all of the above is a testament to her work ethic, organizational skills and dedication to her community. She possesses the perfect mixture of professionalism, knowledge of both the Port and county, understanding of the needs of the Port’s customers, experience serving on governmental boards and dedication to her community to do this job.

Please vote Debbie Radie for Port Commissioner.

Jerry and Lisa Rietmann


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