I write in response to Mr. Cronin’s Aug. letter to the editor regarding the Rivoli Theater restoration project, “Questions still remain about viability of Rivoli.” In his letter, Mr. Cronin makes a series of inflammatory, melodramatic and strident claims about the Rivoli project, none of which merit a specific response. He closes his letter with the statement “Game. Set. Match.” Apparently Mr. Cronin views these letters to the editor a sort of sports competition, which — in his view — he has won. Neither I, nor the Rivoli Coalition as a whole, views this project as a competition.

While it is sad to read Mr. Cronin’s various attacks on the Rivoli Project, readers of this page will note that his letters do not support any development efforts in this city. We will continue to work towards a restored Rivoli Theater, and we look forward to rational, fact-based and civil discussions about the project. Apparently these discussions will not include Mr. Cronin.

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