Absolutely no break on tuition for illegals! This is unbelievable! The “public servants” who are pushing this are so disconnected from real life. Take care of our veterans first. 

Our own son has been struggling with tuition for years.  He is a legal citizen. He is now a veteran after four years in the Army and going to college at WSU on the post-9/11 bill. He was born and raised in Oregon. 

He has owned a home in Richland, Wash., now for two years, been going to WSU as long and is still paying out-of-state tuition. Why, you might ask?  Get a load of this: because he was “out of state” — yes, how far out of state can you get, at war — in Iraq and Germany for the U.S., for all of our states and for these lousy politicians, and he has to pay out-of-state tuition. 

Yes, he has written and even gone to Seattle and met face-to-face with our “public servants” to get this changed and it has fallen on deaf ears. He and his WSU veterans group are even going back east this summer to fight it. It will never help him, even if it does ever get changed ... but he is again fighting a war here on our grounds for our veterans.  

These politicians are unbelievable — we need to vote every last one of them out and don't stop till we get someone who has an IQ in there.  Absolutely no break for any — I mean any, illegals. They have too much given to them now. 

Butch and Debbie Schultz


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