Reading the article regarding the efforts to recall the governor, I was struck by the poor quality of reporting. Quotes were unattributed and false statements were put in print to achieve the point of the subjects in the story. Let the public know who is leading a recall of our elected politicians, don’t publicize their fears without naming them.

This is the second front page “story” dealing with the conservative right wing of politics that has graced the front page of our local paper. If an article is to be believed, it needs to contain facts, not just quotes of opinions by people who are anonymous. They cite “fear” of being identified. Fear of whom? Nearly every recent mass shooting has been committed by young white men who echo the conservative points of view. Should we all be afraid of them?

Please find more suitable subject matter that could have informative impacts, rather than this type of polarizing non-factual content.

Colleen Blackwood


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