On the one hand, we are too wise to need and follow proven stuff like the Bible and as a society are rejecting God at every turn. On the other hand, as we have rejected him, society has steadily declined in every aspect.

On the one hand, parts of society are pushing for a more liberal approval of marijuana use. One claim is that it doesn’t hurt or endanger others. On the other hand, experience shows evidence of the danger of drugs in the workplace.

On the one hand, we have spent millions on saving the supposed endangered spotted owl. People’s livelihoods have been thrust on end. On the other hand, society has openly been taking the life of unborn human babies.

On the one hand, Republicans have been accused of favoring big business/Wall Street. On the other hand, the stimulus was used by the Democrats to reward incompetent executives and world bankers.

On the one hand, suddenly there is something missing in the ecosystem that is going to set the earth on its side without wolves around. On the other hand, there have not been wolves here for many many years. And the environment, other wild animals, and ranchers have done fine.

On the one hand, we claim to be self-reliant, free and independent. On the other hand, we demand the federal government to solve our problems and take care of us because we pay taxes and deserve it.

On the one hand, the coal plant in Boardman is getting shut down to help solve the haze problem in the gorge. On the other hand, when the coal plant is shut down for months at a time the haze still exists.

On the one hand, the Tea Party is influencing a new direction of hopefully honest government. On the other hand, the two major parties who have carefully created the present desperate situation are blaming the Tea Party, which just came into the ring.

If we are as wise as we claim, perhaps we had better repent of our own deceptive wisdom. On the one hand joined with the other hand — with both hands placed together — seek forgiveness and guidance of a God who we have willfully forsaken.

Leonard “Pa” Routson, Umatilla

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