Maybe we can start reopening some businesses in our county. But common sense is needed and not just self-indulgence for the sake of it.

Anything social and hands-on should still be closed, especially if there isn’t a safe restriction for self-distancing and rule of wearing face masks among others. Bars, lounges and sit-down restaurants need to remain closed because of these rules. Hair and nail salons are the same, although most places already wear protective gear for workers.

Large places like churches may need more services so fewer people are allowed in at a time on an “appointment with God” plan, while entertainment places for families only, movie theaters and bowling alleys, are allowed only so many at a time per show or bowling lanes spaced out.

Every establishment has to abide by the spacing and the mask law at all times, except when purchasing needs at locations. Everything else can pretty much stay closed. Family/kids and faith places are needed. Everything else, adults can just grow up and deal with it like responsible adults, for Pete’s sake.

Outdoor fishing and parks can be open and must be monitored because there doesn’t seem to be enough responsible adults to follow the simple rules of safety for themselves and others. And if you’re whining because you can’t get out and “social drink” with your friends, then maybe you need to get your priorities straightened out. Sad when drinking is put ahead of your and others’ health, but that has always been a no-brainer.

Bernie Sanderson


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