Oregon’s proposed “cap and trade” (House Bill 2020) is more than a sales tax on all products, especially food and fuel.

According to Rep. Carl Wilson, R-Grants Pass, “This is the most destructive bill to ever come out of the House of Representatives. Workers will tremendously suffer under cap and trade. Thousands of jobs will be lost. Wages will decline. Gas prices will increase and family budgets will be strained. Climate change is a global problem not an Oregon problem. Oregon workers should not be punished for reckless environmental policies of China and India.”

The fact is HB 2020 is a cap and trade tax, a sales tax on all Oregonians, especially the poor and middle class, that will have zero impact on global warming or climate change. The Socialist Democrat politicians that control Oregon have no regard for Oregonians east of the Cascades or south of Eugene.

Their socialist policies foster homelessness, making Oregon the second-highest homeless state in America per capita. These Democrats prefer illegal immigrants to Oregonians, protecting predator wolves instead of protecting cattle ranchers and abolishing the Second Amendment instead of protecting legal gun owner rights.

Stand behind our Oregon Republican senators that have made a stand against these Democrat Socialist politicians that are usurping our constitutional heritage and our way of life. Abraham Lincoln called our Declaration of Independence a “rebuke and stumbling-block to tyranny and oppression.” Our present Oregon government does not represent most of Oregon nor does it consider our grievances. Our Republican Senators have made a stand against the tyranny and oppression of a government that no longer represents most of the state of Oregon. This may be our last opportunity to thwart the socialist takeover of our beloved state.

Do not return to the Oregon Senate, senators, until this oppression and bullying stops! Let these patriot senators of Oregon and America know we stand with them and will help bear the price of liberty with our lives if need be.

Stuart Dick


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