Trumpism has been thoroughly expressed as of Wednesday, Jan. 6, by the storming of the nation’s capital. The decomposing soul of the Republican Party has been dramatically exposed.

But we, as a nation, need the Republican Party. We are essentially a two-party republic and we need two viable, vibrant, functional parties so that there are valid choices for the electorate to make.

Sadly, the current status of the Republican Party does not fit this definition. It is not viable, nor vibrant, nor functional, especially in that there are still leaders — senators and representatives — who cling to the misrepresentations and the tsunami of outright lies that have been promulgated by Trump and his troop of sycophants. How can they, who have sworn to uphold the Constitution, carry on with this rotting compost?

For example, how can Joni Ernst, clearly stated as a follower of QAnon, believe and support the insane conspiracy nonsense and be a U.S. senator at the same time? Senators are supposed to be wise leaders who advise on good and effective governmental policies and operations.

I am a Democrat. But in state elections I am a ticket splitter; for example, I have consistently voted for Bill Hansell — a Republican — because he is a native son of Eastern Oregon and does excellent work on behalf of us all. I do not despise the Republican Party — rather, I feel a great deal of sorrow for the good, true and honest Republicans who see their party in such utter and complete shambles.

I wholeheartedly hope that those people — the honest and true and good Republicans — can displace the dissolute leadership of our present times and rebuild their party so the we can again have choices of competent leadership on both sides of the aisle.

Also, I note with sadness and shame — anger, too — that our Eastern Oregon congressional representatives, Mr. Bentz and Ms. Levy, have shown their stripes as Trumpistas and signed on to the totally delirious nonsense movement to object to the Electoral College vote counting and attempt to overturn the presidential election.

Jan. 6 is a dark day for all of us in a multiplicity of ways.

Andrew Clark


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