Thanks for all of the comments about the COVID-19 pandemic. The more information we receive about a problem, the higher the likelihood of finding an effective solution. Of course, each bit of data must be evaluated for credibility to be useful. Resolving this pandemic is obviously a work in progress.

Rejecting treatment modalities for not being 100% effective is a bit like looking for health insurance and deciding coverage up to $5,000,000 would be necessary to cover any potential disaster. Therefore, if the only available policy is for just $200,000, it would not be worth the time, effort or expense to have.

In addition to finding the shortcomings of certain treatments, we should each formulate what could be helpful in solving this problem and try to implement those ideas. In addition to the unbelievable death toll and disruption of lives, our medical system is being overwhelmed, making it difficult or impossible not only to treat those with COVID-19 but to provide help for other serious illnesses and injuries.

May all of mankind soon have relief from this pandemic.

Dr. Richard Haddock

La Grande

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