A recent guest columnist from Prineville opined against the assault on our liberties, how COVID-19 is no worse than seasonal flu, that subjecting rural Oregon to the same lockdowns as denser populations was a big waste. As I write this, more than 66,000 Americans have died in 60 days despite a national lockdown, making COVID-19 much more contagious than flu, killing not only those with health conditions but also randomly striking the young and healthy.

We see the pictures and stories of health care workers and patients in Italy, New York, Louisiana, etc. How can we not be grateful that despite a recent surge in cases in our county, that our Oregon hospitals have not been overrun with cases?

Reasonable people can argue as we ease restrictions as to how and when it should be done. Yes, this cannot go on forever. But it is so important that we do it smartly, cautiously and as one. As we expand our social interactions, we need to continue using what we have learned to stop the spread, be it hand washing, masks or social distancing. Respect others who are doing the same and be mindful of how your interactions may affect others.

The virus spreads exponentially. Do the math to see what happens if you infect five people and they each infect five people and so on. It takes up to two weeks to see the consequences of exposure today. Each of our individual actions will be the key to success. Let’s do it right.

Anita Burrows


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