Road tax should be paid by those complaining the loudest

Outside looking in, the considerations and the survey results on road taxes left me wondering about “not in my backyard.” To boot, it seems even some on the city council have not refined their knowledge on what happens in their cowboy town.

For all of the tax options, eight total by my read, at least four would be paid by the majority of Pendleton residents who have concerns about their roads. Yet those same concerned residents prefer a tax on folks that come from out of town to take in events. And by at least one councilor’s statement, it would seem the survey is based on misinformation. A $70 rodeo ticket? By my research, the Pendleton Round-Up sits 17,000. The 1910 seats — Buckaroo, Silver Buckle and Private — account for approximately 300 tickets of more than $70. A far cry from intimating that the $2 might not be a decision point when the average cost for a majority of tickets is probably below $30.

Asking the residents on their preferred method is not a sound premise. Rather ask all that would pay the tax what they think of the roads in Pendleton. If the majority of the complaints are by residents, then keep the tax in the residents’ backyard. But if the complaints are from folks that visit to eat, fuel, attend an event and stay in a motel, then yes, tax them and me.

My vote, in my almost every day visits — Pendleton roads are just fine, so please do not tax me without representation.

Carl Culham


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