We’ve been bombarded by a constant litany about all the corruption in Ukraine by the oligarchy. I was curious about the definition of this type of government. The dictionary shows this to be a form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique; “government by the few.” A state or organizations so ruled.

Words related to “oligarchy” include domination, monocracy, high-handedness, unreasonableness, coercion, authoritarianism and imperiousness.

We were dismayed by the tragic revelation that this describes Oregon’s government ruled by Gov. Kate Brown and her elitist supporters. It is understandable why Brown’s administration has utter disregard for the concerns of the 31 counties that did not vote for her. It is obvious that Brown’s supporters have total disdain for the Oregonians that did not vote for her.

Sen. Ginny Burdick was asked by a reporter why the emergency clause was being placed on Senate Bill 1530, which eliminates the opportunity to send this proposal to the Oregon voters. She stated the bill was “too complicated” and would be hard to understand by the common voters, so the Legislature must pass it and eliminate any opportunity for Oregonians to have a voice in the matter.

SB 1530 is being promoted as an environmental bill, but it will devastate agriculture, timber, commercial fishermen, miners and transportation, and raise the cost of everything Oregonians use. It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It is especially discouraging that Oregonians are not being told about the huge costs associated with this tax bill, which will cost them in every way and in reality will make a minuscule difference, if any, on the environment.

Larry and Susan Snyder


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