I have had it with the antics of the loonies that are pushing anti-gun legislation that, taken in toto, are directed to restrict usage of firearms to the point of law-abiding citizens not being able to possess and use firearms as protected by the Second Amendment to the Bill Of Rights.

I have lived in the state of Oregon 77 years. SB978, if passed, is the "straw that broke the camel's back." I will join many others in Eastern Oregon and will advocate for the secession of that part of the present state of Oregon east of the crestline of the Cascade Mountains and whatever counties laying west of the Cascade Mountains that wish to join us and form a state that will be noted as a "common sense" political division.

Hopefully, the residents of Eastern Washington will join us and a new state can be born, perhaps named the "State of Columbia" for the great river that flows through the area. The possibility exists that Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington could unite with the state of Idaho to form a formidable political entity.

Bill Timmermann


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