This letter is about the school bond that we are going to try to pass next week. I’m speaking from the perspective of a middle school student. I believe we should support this bond because the money for it will be used to build a new elementary school, rebuild Rocky Heights Elementary School, and add on to the high school.

Why we need a new elementary school is because they just aren’t made for 600 kids. For example, at Desert View Elementary School, their lunch room cannot fit 100 kids per grade for lunch. They are squished so badly at the lunch tables. So hypothetically the trays are like 20 inches by 8 inches. Most people would have the tray sitting so the 20-inch side is facing them and have a little more space on either side. The kids at DVES have it so the 8-inch side is facing them and have no room on either side of the tray. So, for the kindergarteners, it is not that big of a problem; but for the fifth-graders, that is a different story. Fifth-graders are bigger so they are very squished and don’t have any room to move and actually eat their lunch.

Another reason to support the bond is for the upcoming middle-schoolers. Right now, they have bigger classes than the high school grade levels. The high school is already crowded, and with bigger classes coming in, there won’t be enough room for all the new students. There are already four modular classrooms at the high school. There isn’t a good location to add more. And you can only fit so many kids into a room before it becomes an issue. I personally prefer to be able to sit at a desk and have my work space — a luxury we won’t have if they have to cram too many chairs into the same room.

So, please consider supporting the school bond. For your own kids, or your neighborhood kids. It would be a great way to support our community.

Andrew Goller


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