In Oregon’s 2020 legislative session, for the second year in a row, Republicans walked out of the Capitol breaking the quorum and preventing many important proposals from being discussed and voted up or down on the floor. Chief among these was a well-crafted bill to establish a meaningful greenhouse gas emissions program for the state which would have reduced emissions and provided economic support for rural Oregon and other disadvantaged Oregonians.

By firmly throwing their fellow Oregonians, our children and grandchildren, under the oncoming bus of climate chaos, Republicans essentially forced the Governor to sign Executive order 20-04. This charges state agencies to develop plans that establish an Oregon Climate Action Plan to achieve the goals of the above 2020 legislation.

Initially,some agencies began well by energetically trying to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or remove them from the atmosphere. Others were resistant or simply and falsely claimed they were already doing everything they could.

The science is as clear as science can be, Earth is spherical, COVID is real, and human-induced greenhouse gas emissions are driving us towards a cliff beyond which life as we know it will be devastated. Rural Oregonians demand an effective Climate Action Plan.

Trisha Vigil


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Independent Thinker

What good are discussions when the liberals already have their adjenda and won't negotiate. Remember how voters voted against allowing illegal aliens driver's licenses and the liberals did it anyway !!!

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