Your opinion piece about the carbon bill is spot on. This morning I heard "Our Oregon" radio ads denigrating Senate Republicans for the walkout, in particular Senator Alan Olsen, R-Canby, a swing district in the greater Portland metro. So cheap and transparently political by "Our Oregon."

The Senate Republicans are right to walk out. Oregon’s carbon emissions are among the lowest in the nation without cap-and-trade legislation. In spite of more than a decade of materially lowering carbon emissions through groundbreaking investments in renewable energy (wind and solar) and energy conservation (Oregon Energy Trust), Oregon’s body politic agreed to pass a needless carbon bill this session. That’s a major victory for the climate change zealots. And, because the Dems have overwhelming majority rule, they don’t have to listen to rural Oregon to make any improvements to the bill. That’s not the Oregon way.

“Taking critical action now,” according to Gov. Brown, just doesn’t line up with the data. The bill is too extreme, lacking common sense since Oregon ranks 38th in the nation for CO2 emissions. And having walked out of the building herself during the 2001 session over political redistricting (small potatoes), Governor Brown lacks empathy for the minority party.

Why should Oregon’s rural citizens take the hit for their foolish urban cousins who want to lead the nation when Oregon already does so?

Good for rural Senate Republicans for having the backbone to stand their ground. I hope they keep fighting the good fight.

Greg Miller


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