“Shutdowns are a ridiculously blunt weapon, when what we really need are national leaders ready to make intelligent decisions.” — East Oregonian editorial, Jan. 10.

I am reminded that in 1977 Congress in their wisdom changed the end of the federal fiscal year from June 30 to September 30 to accommodate their inability to pass budgets in a timely manner. Since then they have only passed a budget on time four times — that’s four times in some 40-plus years!

Continuing resolutions for stopgap funding and use of presidential power to use the threat of or actual shutdown as a political weapon has have been commonplace for those same 40-plus years. It’s not a thing invented by the current president; it’s a Washington, D.C., beltway disease!

I fear your hope for leaders to make intelligent decisions is a pipe dream based on this incurable disease that is passed from one congressional and presidential leader to another!

Carl Culham


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