I was absolutely mortified this morning when I opened the East Oregonian and read the heading, “Sledgehammer used in killing of Portland grandmother.” For years now I have spent countless sleepless nights worrying about how we, as patriotic Americans, might get these dangerous and deadly tools of destruction off the streets. How many more of these tragic deaths do we have to endure as a populace before our legislators are compelled to do the right thing and pass a law against the manufacture, use and possession of such deadly instruments?

I can think of only one reasonable instance where these evil and dangerous destructive tools would be used properly, that is, in the hands of law enforcement only in order to facilitate breaking down doors to provide entry to someone’s home.

And, alas, these poor young men who were beguiled by this evil tool and, not knowing what else to do with it, slung it repeatedly at this aged and helpless grandmother. Poor things.

Yes, all patriotic Americans must band together and run immediately to our respective legislatures and have a sit-in at the entrance until our lawmakers come to their senses and pass legislation banning all sledgehammers in the hands of civilians because I am sure that very few, if any, have been thoroughly trained as to how to handle these single-mindedly obstreperous tools of destruction.

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