I felt a twinge of excitement when I saw the announcement that Briana Spencer would be joining the candidates for the Pendleton School District Board. While I did vote for her to serve on the Nixyaawii School Board, I whole-heartedly endorse her for this board as well.

She is a valuable asset to our community out here on the reservation’s charter school board, but I feel she would fill a great gap by serving on the Pendleton board. When the decision has to be made on which board she is to serve, I know Briana will make the right one.

Briana is principled, intelligent and has a path before her that will only lead to the betterment of herself and her community. Why? Because she doesn’t just think of herself when she is charting her course. She is thinking of all of us.

I am a foster parent of two children that go to Washington Elementary School. I believe within the depths of my being that my children will have far less chance of falling through the cracks if Briana serves on this board. She will look out for the underserved and invisible children of our community. She will be their champion. Our champion.

Martina Gordon


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