I hope every one read the article in the June 29 East Oregonian edition editorializing how Pendleton will fix the streets. No cuts in other parts of the current budget. They are proposing new taxes and fees. It is too bad we can't do that with our personal budgets.

The Street Fund budget for 2019 and 2020 is $3,601,500, which is up over $300,000 from last year's budget. The Capitol Outlay (street repair) budget is $2,200,000 and more than we have heard from the city's propaganda ($440,000 for residential streets and $1,481,000 for collectors/arterial). A large portion of the $1.4 million is for Southeast Byers Avenue.

If the city council decides to use Urban Renewal funds for Byers Avenue, the $1.4 million could be used for other streets in the city, which may be decided at the next meeting PDC meeting.

The city council is planning a major campaign to push all these new taxes and fees by meeting with clubs and organizations like the Downtown Association, Lion's Club, Chamber of Commerce and others. Eventually they will work their way down to us common folk.

If the city decides to proceed with a gas tax, the council will propose it at the May 2020 primary election. Like Mayor Turner said, "Less people vote in the primary, so there is a better chance to pass it." May 2020 is a governorial and presidential primary.

As you know, all the city gas taxes have been opposed. The last one was defeated by 60%. The proposed tax prior to this was for the famous "Road to Nowhere." We all remember that one. We won't be fooled again.

Rex J. Morehouse


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