This letter is directed at those who think the choice of street paving projects is wrong. Larry Platek, I can’t speak to Northwest Seventh or Eighth, but I can sure speak about Southeast Byers. If you have driven down that street lately you will no longer be able to play dodge the potholes because there are far too many to be able to dodge them.

I live between 11th and 12th off Southeast Byers and I drive that street at least twice a day and frankly I’ll walk to town before I’ll drive if I’m just going to the post office or to get a haircut, etc., because of the street conditions. Southeast Byers is a main avenue of travel for parents taking their children to school and for the school buses, and it is now so full of potholes that it is not safe. I am so glad that after 10 years of bitching it will finally get paved; that you don’t know. As for Bob’s and Rob’s streets, I would surmise that they are in similar conditions or they wouldn’t be scheduled to be paved.

Barbara Ann Wright


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