The Rivoli Board would like to extend a very hearty “Thank you!” to a few of our supporters who rolled up their sleeves and did a little heavy lifting with us a few Saturdays ago. In less than one day, these committed volunteers were able to remove two mountains of scrap material from the main floor of the Rivoli, which they loaded into two full-sized trailers for destruction. It was a hot, dusty day, and we worked hard the entire time.

The volunteer crew removed seven tons of material from the Rivoli. Of this, Doherty Recycling out of Pilot Rock took 3.5 tons of material. Doherty Recycling bales material in Pilot Rock and ships to Portland, where the majority of the material will be recycled rather than placed in landfill.

The crew consisted of: JD Kindle, Byron Wysocki, Pete Walters, Dan Kinsley, Brian Baird, Andrew Picken, Mitch Montchalin, Fritz Hill, Sam Reeves and Bryan Reeves. We also received assistance from Zimmerman Hardware, Great Pacific and Doherty Recycling Inc.  

The weekend also included a high definition laser scan from I-Ten in Portland, Oregon. The tech firm is excited about the possibility of a restored historic Rivoli, so they sent Paul Tice and his lasers to do some mapping of the structure. The data will later form the foundation of architects’ re-designs of the interior and facade.

Continually drawn in by the all-day commotion, unsettling of dust, and good-natured folks working hard, many passers-by shared a story or two about seeing a play or film in the Rivoli before it was abandoned.  

These stories, combined with our supporters — who were certainly not afraid to get dirty — remind us that this restoration will be a source of pride to the community and will help to breathe new life into Pendleton’s downtown core.

Will Perkinson,

Rivoli board vice president


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