Oh, Mrs. Roubal (my former Silverton civics teacher), you would be so saddened to see what is happening in the country that you so loved, that you so believed in and that you tried so hard to get us to understand and appreciate. To appreciate what our forefathers had engineered when such a nation was only an unfulfilled dream. Part of that new form of government, that new freedom for the citizenry, was the right to question, and challenge, and work for the betterment of our nation.

Now we find ourselves embroiled in the hate and bigotry of the left, who have taken an insane reaction to losing the election in 2016. The vocal “left” of the Democratic Party, like spoiled children, no longer work for the betterment of our nation. With the support of the main media, they constantly scream of one issue after another. When that issue falls flat they witch hunt up another. Go ahead count them up — all failures.

We are experiencing a growth in our economy like the world has never seen. Our people are going back to work so they can feed their families, pay their bills, and be contributing members of our village. Mrs. Roubal, you could make me swallow my gum with a sideways glance and I love you for that. We are not broken, only bent. The left is listening to the wrong voice. We are a great nation getting back on track. It is proving to be a rough road because the swamp is a hard place to drain.

I believe in what you believed in, Mrs. Roubal. We are making America great again, but imagine what we could do without the insanity of the witch-hunting left. There is an election in 2020. Use your voice then.

Ron Linn


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