Prescription drugs are like alcohol. Both are more dangerous drugs people don’t want to recognize. Why? Because those are the most used and abused drugs in United States.

Alcohol alone damages more lives, families, jobs, security, health than any other drug! Prescription drugs are easily available and usually cost nothing through insurance coverage, easily accessible from doctors. It is so widely available that most people aren’t even aware what they have in their cabinets. The denial of addiction is highest in the use of alcohol and pills!

Now, for those politicians you are so proud to elect. If they are taking big bucks from pharmaceutical companies, what does that make them? Drug mafia, drug pusher, U.S. drug cartel or drug mules? Politicians who are “bought” by these companies — and the companies themselves — are 1,000 times worse than anyone smuggling drugs into the U.S. They just don’t like the competition! They can’t make money off the foreign suppliers!

Trump is worried about Mexicans bringing crime and drugs across our borders? Thinking is still free. Think about the real drug pushers. And how the wall money could be used to clean up our own governments’ involvement in illegal drug business!

Bernie Sanderson


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