As I’m seeing it, disappointing the East Oregonian isn’t taking the marketing concerns behind the lawsuit it comments on ("Lawsuit against Tillamook is without merit," Aug. 28 EO) just a little more seriously. Much of what the paper’s editorial writer(s) says about the actual operation involved is perhaps accurate enough (from a "what’s been reported" perspective, anyway). But it’s actually the marketing aspects of the suit (and the politics of that body of it) that I’m thinking may well trip up the Tillamook County Creamery Association.

Indeed, its Three Mile Canyon Farm connection hasn’t been all that much a “secret” if one at all; but neither has it certainly been as forthcoming or as transparent a part of its advertising as it might otherwise be, least as I’ve observed it as a longtime consumer of Tillamook products and one who’s kept abreast of the inherent politics of TMCF’s endeavor.

Les Ruark


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