Recently Greg Walden held a meeting in Athena. Interestingly, he has never spoken a word about how insanely bad Trump has been treated by the left with their incessant false narratives about the fake Russia sham the left itself actually created, the many insane events by the left in Portland and Salem, as well as other places on the left coast of the I-5 corridor. So it is no surprise a congressman from Texas had to speak up for Oregonians on the Portland mayor and city council allowing the police to stand down regularly.

Prior to that he did not speak out about the missing and still unaccounted-for $305 million of federal dollars for an Obamacare exchange setup Kitzhaber never had to account for and it all disappeared except for the cost of the failed website that never even worked, for supposedly $78 million, yet Jason Chaffitz of Utah did speak out about it here in Oregon. How is it possible to completely miss all these events and have no opinion or take any actions at all? Seems a valid question, as Cruz made Walden look like a fool this week.

Probably time to look deeper, people. He was also weak and more or less missing on the Burns Finicum sham. That too was an Oregon disgrace! Business as usual and being a Chamber of Commerce front man and pharmaceutical representative is not going to fly any longer. Well past time to rethink matters.

Stephen Baze


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