I was surprised and disappointed to find the usually erudite and precise East Oregonian in a gross error of collective nomenclature on the front page of its Jan. 17 issue.

The error occurs in the caption for the picture showing a group of wild turkeys on E. Birch Creek, near Pilot Rock. The group of birds is referred to as a “gang.”

Surely, in a community such as that served by the EO, where there our many persons interested in the hunt and the great outdoors, the correct collective term should be applied when referring to such wild game as these birds.

I call the editors’ attention to the noted authority on such matters, James Lipton and his widely acclaimed book “An Exaltation Of Larks” and suggest that the collective term for the birds in question should undoubtedly have been “rafter” as set forth on page 47 of Mr. Lipton’s definitive list.

Shame on EO!

Editor’s note: Gang and rafter are both acceptable words for a group of turkeys, according to the Associated Press?Stylebook.

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