In every mother’s heart is a deep wish for her dear children. This is a right as well as a gift; a divine thread of the purest love — the remedy for all our ills in this world.

Why, then, do we not see the pure fruits in this beleaguered world? Why do we see the opposite rampaging through our civilization in every clime and setting (Boston Marathon bombs, school shootings, child trafficking), in every sad corner of our precious earth?

Are we really lost — babes entering this realm from babes? No chance, no recognition that multitudes of mothers have lost — no, have never been allowed, never seen a glimmer of the pristine wealth of that wondrous and invaluable thread.

So we have developed agencies to pick up the tremendous loss in our society. They are patchwork, but we would be at a much greater loss without them. In Pendleton, close to 100 children were reported homeless this year.

Tonya’s House has been of great assistance to some of our homeless teenage girls. Can we do something for our homeless teenage boys? We know they’re out there.

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