The latest dust-up over Megan Rapinoe and the lingering flap over the Colin Kaepernick issue of disrespecting the flag beg the question: How can the false patriots in this country totally absolve Trump for his past incidents of same? Hiding behind mommy's skirt and daddy’s money and a phony medical reason to avoid military service during the Vietnam War is leaps and bounds more shameful and disrespectful than the actions of the two people he seeks to demean.

Let’s not forget his endless disrespect of the late senator John McCain and all service members that happened to be captured during hostilities while in the uniform Trump was too scared to wear. Our president is a shameless coward. Bone spurs don’t go away on their own; let’s see X-rays and/or scars of this no doubt phony medical condition.

He continuously badgered Obama for his birth certificate — let’s have an in-depth investigation into his past medical records concerning this rich kid's excuse for not serving. A stable genius? He’s threatened to sue any school that he attended if they released his grades. A brilliant businessman? He won’t release his taxes, fearful that the truth will come out about his lack of business acumen. The king of debt he called himself.

If he has any good qualities, he should finally display them — although I’m sure he’s not capable of the humility required for that small task.

David Gracia


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