If an angel appeared to announce another impending world-wide flood of the entire earth, members of Congress would still plan to take five-week vacations before deciding when and where to build a boat like the Ark. By majority rule perhaps they then would ascertain that responding to a religious message would not tarnish the halls of Congress. However, the Senate would insist on months of environmental impact studies since all the waters of this nation, including backyard pollywog puddles, are governed under state or federal jurisdiction. Putting this project out for bids might take weeks to find dues-paying union workers, not those common, highly qualified shipyard craftsmen who work at a conservative rate. It also needs to be determined as to whether these important workers be given health benefits equal to that of congressional members whose extensive health coverage is not sanctioned by Obamacare. Another obstacle might be finding wide ship-building planks due to major restrictions of logging in old growth forests; therefore, it might become necessary to piece together used barrel staves.

It’s beyond comprehension how the governing body of this nation, who are elected to supposedly represent the people’s best interests, can spend so much money and accomplish so little while still being able to sleep at night. Likewise our Campaigner-in-Chief President seems focused on taxpayer-funded vacations or fundraising for the Democrat party. Like Nero who supposedly fiddled while Rome burned, Obama plays golf.

It’s unbelievable that action wasn’t taken years ago to secure our southern border. And Congress can’t make decisive choices. Along with the torrential influx of illegal people streaming across the border that will overwhelm all welfare resources for years to come, it is frightening to think how terrorists could also easily infiltrate our country. Also of concern is the threat of infectious diseases from measles to smallpox that could be spread similar to the Ebola outbreak in Africa that is taking a drastic toll. While this nation attempts to keep harmful pathogens at bay, under the present circumstances there could also be an outbreak of animal diseases such as Hoof and Mouth Disease that is prevalent in parts of South America. A rampant outbreak of this type could decimate our livestock industry.

Hopefully it won’t take a flood of Biblical proportions to make a change. All the intervention we need is some good old common sense.

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