Regina Braker's recent letter ("An open letter to Congressman Walden," Oct. 8) focused on a number of topics, including our president's damaged relationships with allies, cozying up to dictators and bullying his administration. This reply to your statements are only to clarify what we see as pros and cons from your letter.

Trump is not a politician and the majority of us are thankful for that. Secondly, and it is a con, many people do not like things he has said or his actions in the past. However, the great points totally top the cons. Another con is perhaps he does need a different employee vetting system. Perhaps, though, you might look at the confirmation numbers of employees he has suggested to whether or not those employees were put temporarily into a job. Our president has the worst confirmation vetting of any past president ever. Not his fault, but the Democrats'.

Our country is now unafraid of actions by North Korea. They may not be perfect but historically they are much better, and the only person to aid to that is Trump.

We all knew Obamacare was wrong. As Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said, “Well, you have to pass it before you can find out what is in it.” Now, we all know money was being passed to the hospitals, not physicians. My husband needs a particular heart test every other year. That test under his heart specialist was $1,800 in his office. The insurance at the time (no Medicare) paid about $1,200 and that was our cost. His physician went out of business due to Obamacare and he had to go to a medical center for the test. Well, $4,000 for the same test and we had to pay about $1,200 of it. Keep watching because the Dems are not doing anything, and health care will come down the pike by Republicans.

So now our president cannot say anything to another leader without the Democrats wanting to know what he is saying and accusing him of corruption. They hate to think of him talking with Putin, and now we are seeing it with Ukraine, Japan and China. We want him to keep after the tariffs and sign more agreements with other countries. We’ll never get back the billions Obama gave to Iran. So those dollars are totally lost and has allowed ISIS’s benefit.

Our president has a right of government to discuss our safety and past corruption. Have you read "The Deep State"? Perhaps it should be on your literary list as a college administrator.

We like the economic value that our president has added. We like that the southern border will be as safe or safer than our northern border, and we like that Trump's promises he made to the voters are being upheld. Veterans, drugs and the list goes on.

Democrats thought they had a shoo-in with Hillary Clinton. The voters thought otherwise and hated the actions of her and her group due to emails and Benghazi. Time will tell if we were correct. Perhaps if Dems were to go ahead and just take their stupid impeachment vote and allow the Senate to vote, we could all get closer to being on the same page.

Walden is doing what we, his party, want to see him do, and that is support our president, which is a reason for each party. America first.

Patricia Maier


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