The call record and testimony from top Trump officials confirms that President Trump has broken the law and abused the power of his high office.

Trump asked Ukraine to interfere in American elections. He blocked critical military aid to a U.S. ally struggling to defend against Russian attack. He tied together his request for interference and the withholding of aid to a bribery scheme for his personal benefit. He continues to obstruct Congress to cover up his crimes.

Now, our members of Congress, including Rep. Greg Walden, face a choice. They can vote to impeach and remove Trump from office. Voting to impeach honors their oaths to defend the Constitution and the rule of law. Or they can vote not to impeach and remove Trump from office. Voting against impeachment for these crimes confirms Trump’s false belief that he is above the law. If Congress fails to hold Trump accountable, he will feel free to commit even more egregious crimes.

It is a very grave action to remove a President from office. However, when a President acts against his own oath of office, willingly breaks our laws, and undermines our democracy, it must be done. Our duty as citizens is to demand it. Congress’ duty as our sworn representatives is to impeach and remove Trump. Mr. Walden swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. His oath is to our country, not just this president.

Beth Flake

Hood River

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