While attending Representative Greg Walden's recent town hall, I was somewhat perplexed by Mr.
Walden's response to my question. Like many Americans, I am concerned about the treatment of 
immigrants, particularly women and children, in the detention facilities near the southern border. When 
I asked Mr. Walden about his knowledge of these facilities and how the detainees were being treated,
he gave me an answer that was completely contradictory to current published information on the 

Mr. Walden claimed that he visited one of these border facilities in July of 2018. He claimed that 
he was able to see first-hand a facility where children were receiving excellent care. He said that the 
children were well fed, attended school and even had a student council. The fact that Mr. Walden
 claimed that he visited and viewed the inside of one of these facilities almost one year ago, when just
recently members of Congress were allowed to enter these facilities, seems odd.

His description of these 
facilities also contradicts reports from a congressional delegation, as well as the Inspector General of the 
Department of Homeland Security, indicating that these facilities were substandard and that the 
detainees were not treated well.

I would hope that our government would see fit to treat the detainees at the border with respect and
 provide for their fundamental needs. I challenge Representative Walden to study the facts of this matter 
and to work in a bipartisan fashion to explore humane and realistic solutions to the immigration
problems on our southern border.

Sue Petersen


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