I never really thought too much about the kids not going to school and how it relates to taxes. I guess I figured they were able to learn by electronic means, since we do everything else that way now.

However, after reading Ms. Alice Stanley’s letter to the editor in “Your Views” in the Feb. 13, 2021, issue of the East Oregonian, I now have a significantly different point of view.

Where are the taxes for the schools going if the schools aren’t open? I’m also a peon that not only doesn’t have any children in school, but, obviously, pays those 63% of my property taxes to the schools. I can only hope that money is being put somewhere safe to be used when it is needed, so the schools will have plenty of money.

I hope they don’t ask for any tax hikes in the near future. They won’t get one from me. Maybe I should look at my property tax statement and see if there is anything else the pandemic is affecting regarding taxes. Do I hear any opinions from anyone else?

Kelly Brady


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