Get ready Southwest Pendleton — Whisky Fest is coming again. In fact, get ready Pilot Rock because you will be able to hear it too.

I am so excited now — Whisky Fest has chosen someone named Post Malone to perform this year. Since I had never heard of this guy, I did some reading on him. Supposedly he is a “melting pot of country, grunge (my personal favorite), hip hop and R&B.” He has teamed up with some of the best, including Justin Bieber and Young Thug (right up there with Frank Sinatra). Some of his big hits include Psycho, Go Flex, Fade and White Iversion. Somehow none of these made my favorites list?

I encourage you to go to one of the lyrics computer sites and read some of the words of these songs. The EO won’t allow me to print any of these lyrics because they are chock full of obsenities, sex, violence and prostitution. Every tune I read was completely disgusting and obscene. Of course there is very little actual singing involved here. Yes folks, this is what a lot of your kids are listening to under those headphones many wear now constantly.

Old Post is also a walking billboard as he has about 35 tattoos — many on his face. He admits they were “a spur of the moment decision.” There is the Playboy logo under the right eye, a “stay away” warning above the right eye (don’t worry Post I will), images of Elvis, John Lennon and Kurt Cobain on the fingers. You remember Cobain as frontman for the band Nirvana based in Seattle. He was very talented but also a drug addict who took his own life. There is also a barbed wire across Post’s forehead, a gun wrapped by a snake on the left arm, praying hands with a gun on the right arm and a bison skull on the throat — just to name a few. What a handsome fellow this guy really is.

OK then southwest Pendleton, plan to be out of town that night or go buy a high-quality set of hearing protection. I’m sure Whisky Fest will be another big success.

David Burns


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