Concerning the gray wolves that have been allowed to be engrafted into our region, and all concerned:

1. The wolves (dogs) are eating the farmers’ sheep and cattle.

2. The farmers and ranchers are being reimbursed by the government (using our money).

3. So not only are the dogs eating the meat that is being taken out of the mouths of the people, but as taxpayers we are supposed to pay for it?

And what about the destruction they are doing to the deer and elk? Some families rely upon that meat to make it through the winter (also paying for tags). Wolves being just another name for predatory dogs.

Perhaps you think your cute little puppy picture previously posted will help sway the people — but in reality it’s double jeopardy. For not only are the taxpayers paying for what the dogs eat, but due to (again) livestock being sacrificed — many young disappearing without evidence — the cost of meat is raised due to the lack created. And where are the pictures of the baby fawns, calves and lambs?

And just how many of our animals must be sacrificed for just one of those pups to grow and mature in a lifetime?

I believe that if Mother Nature had wanted them here, she would have placed them here, without your help, even if they did drift into Oregon after being planted into Idaho. The gray wolf can weigh up to 110 lbs., with some reports saying more, traveling in packs ranging from three to 19.

A protected species? Time is ticking away, and they are plenteous in other parts of the world. Reports say people have died at their attacks — so, yes, we do know that they are defiantly there. And, by the way, in Idaho they have stopped reimbursing their people for losses, and started legalizing hunting and trapping. But even in that, it’s going to take time for the wildlife to replenish. There have also been sightings of wolves on people’s porches killing their pet dogs. On the Umatilla River — yes, they are there.

In our economy we have enough problems without you feeding these predators, at our expense. The facts of what Idaho has been through speak plainly. Those animals attacks are not the lame, old or the sick. They are completely healthy, many being unborn or newborn.

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