I haven’t read the papers and may not have a good understanding of this subject, so please forgive me if I make any outlandish preposterous proposals or misguided assumptions to the following: I was driving by the Umatilla Army Depot Monday morning and had a thought that multiplied into several thoughts on my trip to the Tri-Cities this day. I have a plan.

What if The Constitutional Patriots of Bundy (I don’t know what they call themselves, sorry if I offend) were granted safe passage to the Umatilla Army Depot and given this government albatross to occupy? There are about 1,100 places to hole up, if I’m not mistaken, and name one person who could honestly say that it wouldn’t be fun to strap an AR over one’s shoulder and ride a four-wheeler over those igloos.

Then, we’re going to build a wall, people, and they’re going to pay for it. We are also going to bring Columbia River water up for irrigation and graze as many cows as these cowboys want to range. They are going to pay for this too.

Here’s how: At least four more patriots of the constitution groups will be invited to join the Bundy boys and fellow occupiers. Three hundred and sixty-degree web cams are going to be strategically placed on many, many igloos. In about three weeks there is going to be a fallout among these patriot groups. This is simple as just add water, folks, trust me. The good people of Oregon are then going to sell advertising on a membership-only website for people across the globe to catch up on what’s happening out on the “Range.”

This is going to create jobs, fellow Oregonians. While the wall is going up there will be hazard pay and if this doesn’t create living wage jobs, my friends, I’ll eat my hat!

I’m not responsible and disclaim any responsibility if this idea is carried forward by anyone at any time. Please do consider me for some of the royalties from the website, though.

Denny Henshaw


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